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Dr. Henry Shaw is a paleontologist and recurring character. Later on, he is revealed as the villain Belloc and acted as the leader of the Order of Anarchy who sought to become the master of darkness. These actions made him the primary antagonist of the show.

It is later revealed that he was manipulated and influenced by Yao Long (using his voice and keeping his identity hidden) to rebuild the dark Nexus stone while the latter was inside Shaw's yo-yo. After Henry rebuilds it, he thought that he'd reached his goal, but discovers that it was all a ploy to release Yao Long. He was then stripped of his yo-yo and forced to leave the Nexus.


In The First Yo, Henry was under a bridge, digging his way into the stone beneath it, while guided by the voice of Yao Long. He dug out a fully dark powered yo-yo, powered it up with his Yo Kwon Do energy and became Belloc.

He would later meet Parker Bates in The Second Yo while his opening up his antique store. He later meets the team when he attempting steal of the dark shards from the Union City's Museum. While they fought he noticed how Johnny was unable to work with the others and managed to escape. He would late recruit Johnny to be the first member of the Order of Anarchy.

In Balancing Act as Henry Shaw he later meets with Parker to offer him a job at his antique shop, later in that episode Parker accepts the job offer.



Henry is a middle-aged man with brown hair and a beard, and with green eyes. He is mostly seen wearing a tan-colored shirt with a yellow vest and a brown tie and brown pants.

As Belloc, Henry wears a red mask with a built-in voice modulator, a black hood, and black and gray clothes with red highlights, along with his yo-yo holster. Sometimes, he is seen wearing a dark grey cloak over his body.