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Johnny Stone was a member of the Blazing Team, before he defected to the Order of Anarchy alongside Belloc due to his envy for Scott Hardy. He is the brother of Maddie Stone, who is also a Yo Kwon Do fighter.

After Yao Long is released from Belloc's yo-yo and the revelation that the latter was not meant to be the master of darkness, Johnny defects from the Order of Anarchy and joins him as his student.[1]


Johnny was initially a student of Lao Shi and went on many adventures with the Blazing Team early in the series, but eventually he left the Blazing Team due to his egotistical manner, joined Belloc and inserted a dark shard into his yo-yo.




Johnny has a deep envy for Scott, which is one of the main reasons why he defected from the Blazing Team. He is also highly egotistical, blaming the team's failures on everyone but himself and constantly tells he could have solved their problems on his own.