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Lao Shi is the teacher of the Blazing Team. Once a monk who guarded the Nexus and one of the original Yo Kwon Do fighters, he, along with his students, seeks to achieve balance of light and darkness. He is a major supporting character in the show.

After fighting Yao Long, he disintegrated by unknown causes before he fueled the Nexus with his light energy . His status remains unknown, but Parker presumes he is trapped in his white yo-yo, just as Yao Long was trapped in his dark yo-yo.[1]


Lao Shi, along with Yao Long, was a monk in charge of protecting the Nexus. One time, however, Yao Long became completely corrupted by darkness and attempted to control it. Lao Shi, as a last resort, destroyed the Nexus while Yao Long tried to control its dark half, creating and scattering the light shards and dark shards and sealing away Yao Long in the process.

Eventually, he took Vikki in as a student, but due to her belief in light over dark and not balance, she left him.[2] Two-thousand years later, he gathered a group of young teenagers to become his new students and trained them to become the Blazing Team, protecting Union City from the forces of evil.




Lao Shi is often generally calm and mellow at almost any occasion, whether during speech or fighting with his yo-yo. He is the kind of person to try and reach a peaceful settlement before engaging combat with another, such as Yao Long or Vikki.

He is also compassionate and will come to the need of a student in peril, such as when Parker got lost in the caves leading to the Nexus[3] or when he apologized to Johnny for not being good enough to keep him away from darkness.[4]



  • The name Lao Shi means "old teacher" in Mandarin. (老師)